About the Artspace NWA Feasibility Studies

A Preliminary Feasibility Study is the first step in understanding how an attainable arts real estate project can move forward within the context of a community’s unique needs, assets, sites, leaders, and resources. Central to this step is the Preliminary Feasibility Visit, in which Artspace visited four communities in NW Arkansas to gather information, connect with local stakeholders, and share information about how these projects come together. With this approach, Artspace works to encourage community dialogue and build general support for the creation of attainable space for the arts sector.

Artspace is a nonprofit organization that uses the tools of real estate development to create affordable, appropriate places where artists can live and work. Because Artspace owns each of the projects it develops, it ensures that they remain accessible to artists in perpetuity. Over the last three decades, Artspace has led an accelerating national movement of artist-led community transformation. While embracing the value the arts bring to individual lives, Artspace has championed the once-radical idea that chronically underfunded artists and arts organizations can leverage fundamental social change. With headquarters in Minneapolis and offices in Denver, New Orleans, New York, Seattle, and Washington D.C., Artspace is America’s leading developer of arts facilities, and has served as a consultant to hundreds of communities, arts organizations, and arts districts nationwide.

Support the growth of the arts economy in NW Arkansas. Participate in the Artspace survey by September 10th,  go to www.artspace.org/NWAsurvey